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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Commercial Air Pollution Control

+ What does "RTO" stand for?
+ How does an RTO work?
+ What is entrained volume?
+ What is a "puff"?
+ What are the differences in functionality between a 2-bed and a 3-bed RTO?
+ What is thermal efficiency?
+ What is a "poppet" valve?
+ What is "heat exchange" media?
+ What is the difference between "random packed" and "structured" heat exchange media?
+ What is "fuel-free" operation, "self-sustained" operation or "auto-thermal" operation?
+ What is "FGI"?
+ What are "horns"?
+ What is a "hot-side bypass"?
+ What is "telemetry"?
+ What is a "PLC"?
+ What is a "VFD"?
+ What is a "VOC"?
+ Can an RTO treat chlorinated compounds?
+ Can an RTO treat fluorinated compounds?
+ Can an RTO handle cold climates?


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