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KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

The KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer by Alliance Corporation offers the benefits of high heat recovery and process application flexibility of regenerative thermal oxidization, designed in an economical modular package to create an outstanding overall value in emissions control equipment.

The KRONUS® is designed such that the valves required to direct the flow through the heat exchange media are incorporated into the oxidizer body. The integral valves minimize the oxidizer footprint.

The entire oxidizer is housed in a single1 compact box. This integral valve feature eliminates the transition ducts often associated with conventional Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer designs and further simplifies the field installation. In addition to simplified installation, this proven compact design also minimizes entrained volume to enhance VOC destruction efficiency.


1. KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems 12,000 SCFM and below are built as single contiguous pre-assembled modules. Large KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems over 15,000 SCFM are comprised of multiple modules to accommodate conventional shipping. Each module includes a heat exchange bed, combustion chamber section, inlet and exhaust valves, burner, combustion air and gas train as appropriate. These modules are completely pre-assembled shipped ready for installation

KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Features:

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Fabrication95% - 98% VOC destruction efficiency
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) FabricationPre-assembly
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) FabricationState of the art controls
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) FabricationTelemetry
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) FabricationTop Quality Components and Materials
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) FabricationEasy installation


95% - 98% VOC Destruction Efficiency

KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are designed to destroy 98% of the VOCs present in the process inlet stream to the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. In standard configuration, KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are guaranteed for 95%2 VOC destruction. KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers can be tuned by Alliance Corporation to enhance the VOC destruction up to a guaranteed to 98%2. The enhanced VOC destruction is achieved by extending the duration between flow direction changes to reduce the ratio of the entrained volume to the process flow. This extended duration will decrease the thermal efficiency; however, on many processes where this technique is applicable there are sufficient VOCs available to offset the thermal efficiency losses. There are instances where KRONUS® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers have achieved 99% VOC destruction in the field.

2. If all of the Performance Conditions defined in the Proposal are satisfied, then the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer will reduce the concentration of hydrocarbons measured at the exhaust as compared to the concentration of the inlet to the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer by an average of greater than the stated percentage or down to 25 Parts Per Million Volume (PPMV) measured as C1 in the exhaust from the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. Please refer the standard terms and conditions included with the Proposal for further detail.

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Our credo is that it takes 3 times longer to do anything in the field than is does in the shop. Therefore, all Alliance Corporation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are completely factory pre-assembled to the maximum extent possible. This includes mechanical assembly of all components and plumbing, and wiring of control cabinets, junction boxes and components. Every Alliance Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer undergoes extensive factory testing, control systems check out and calibration prior to shipment. The factory pre-assembly reduces the installation effort and maximizes quality control over the finished product. The factory testing ensures a smooth startup. A typical installation can be completed in less than 2 days. A typical startup can be completed in as little as 2 days on-site, including personnel training.

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State of the Art Controls

At first glance, many Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers can seem similar in that they are all basically insulated boxes containing some type of ceramic media and a means for switching the flow direction. While we can and will make the case that the design, materials, components and execution of our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers is superior to the competition, it is controls that is one of the greatest areas of difference that sets Alliance Corporation apart from the rest of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer manufacturers. Mobile Phone 

Alliance Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers feature state-of-the-art controls with detailed proven software that is self diagnosing and correcting. The software is the result of years of field experience. Though the software is complex with algorithms wringing out every last bit of VOC destruction and thermal efficiency possible from the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, it has also been developed to provide the end user with unmatched interface simplicity and reliable operation. We are so confident in the performance of the software that we guarantee it for the life3 of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.

One of the keys to our successful control systems is that a purpose built paging modem is included as a standard feature with each Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The paging modem allows both real time monitoring of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and the paging modem will automatically call and deliver detailed text messages to the mobile phones of our service and engineering personnel to alert them immediately in the case of any upset condition or warning. The paging modem allows us to know of a problem instantly and directly. Combined with the data collected with our telemetry software, these tools enable Alliance Corporation to provide unparalleled support. Lap Top Computer

3. The lifetime guarantee requires a working dedicated phone line to the modem that is included with the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The lifetime guarantee is for the proper functionality of the PLC program for all aspects of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer operation including the scope of the process interface at the time the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is commissioned. In the event process interface scope changes occur after commissioning that require programming, the programming will be billed on a time and material basis.

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Every Alliance Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) equipped with a serial port that is attached to a purpose built paging modem. The paging modem allows monitoring of the ladder logic as is done with a conventional modem and the paging modem will automatically call and deliver detailed text messages to the mobile phones of our service and engineering personnel to alert them immediately in the case of any upset condition or warning. The paging modem allows us to know of a problem instantly and directly so that we can prepare a quick solution. With the paging modem in place, we are able to provide extended hour support for the maximum uptime of the system.

In addition to the paging feature, The PLC performs both control of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and data logging. Every event, warning and fault is time and date stamped and stored in the PLC memory. Key process variables are recorded at regular intervals and stacked into the PLC memory. Alliance has developed software to retrieve this data from the PLC memory via modem and build a file of the continuous operating history of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. With the complete operating history we are able to monitor the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer to ensure optimal performance and up time. Please contact us for a live demonstration. We will come to your offices and call an operating Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with our telemetry software. We are confident that you will be impressed.

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Top Quality Components and Materials

Alliance Corporation has learned through experience of servicing and repairing oxidizers built by others that there is no benefit to cutting corners on materials and components. We have deliberately chosen to use the most robust materials and highest quality components available. You might consider that the quality of our components, craftsmanship and attention to detail would lead to higher prices for our equipment; however, just the opposite is true. We make up the difference in warranty savings. Alliance Corporation equipment has a proven track record of extreme reliability and as such our warranty expenses are negligible. Therefore, we are able to reflect warranty overhead savings in our up-front equipment pricing which you will find is among the most competitive in the industry.

Some examples of quality that set Alliance Corporation apart: (Click Images For Large Size)


Poppet Valves 
Alliance Corporation fabricates all standard oxidizers out of 1/4" thick carbon steel plate. Alliance also fabricates oxidizers out of stainless steel, AL6-XN® and Monel® when required for special processes. Alliance Corporation manufactures robust 2-way poppet valves for the inlet and exhaust of each bed. The valve seats are machined from solid steel. The valve disk is a steel plate disk sandwiched between a machined steel hub with a bolted and welded end cap. The disk assembly is threaded on to solid stainless steel shaft and locked at three points. The shafts are supported and housed in a purged pipe with self aligning guide bearings at top and bottom. Alliance Corporation poppet valves are automated by specially built actuators with extended internal pneumatic cushions to reliably slow down the disk to ensure gentle quiet contact with the seat. The actuators are fitted with mufflers to suppress pneumatic noise. Our actuators are built to endure decades of continuous use with no appreciable wear. The interior of the combustion chamber and heat exchange beds are insulated with 8” thick compressed ceramic fiber modules stud welded in place. The interior of the inlet and exhaust manifolds and poppet valves is insulated with foil faced fiberglass pin welded in place. There is no external insulation or cladding.
Control Cabinet

Alliance Corporation uses structured heat exchange media made of industrial porcelain. Structured media has greater thermal efficiency and a lower pressure drop which allows for smaller, more efficient beds. Structured media never requires additional material or leveling. Structured media will last the lifetime of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Alliance Corporation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers include a ladder and handrails for easy safe access to all components. All ladders and handrails are galvanized to ensure a maintenance free durable finish. The controls, including the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), are housed in a single climate controlled enclosure mounted on the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and factory wired to all of the components. All Alliance equipment is sandblasted, epoxy primed and finish painted with urethane.

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Easy Installation

Easy Installation

All Alliance Corporation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers ship pre-assembled and ready to install. Typically our supervision is not required for installation. If your firm is capable of offloading the shipment when it arrives and setting the equipment in place, you will have completed most of the installation. All of our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers can be offloaded with a forklift; however, welded lifting lugs are also provided for attaching to a crane if needed for egress. There is no field welding or painting required. All hardware, gaskets and vibration isolators are provided. Generally, all that remains is connecting the utilities and ductwork. Alliance Corporation will provide the remote support at no charge and of course, Alliance will provide complete turnkey services should you prefer; however, our goal is to provide equipment completely pre-assembled so the installation is quick and simple and overall project costs are minimized.

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