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BOXIDIZER® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers 

From a standard 20’ ISO cargo container to fully installed and oxidizing your VOC’s in an afternoon

This state of the art RTO system is designed to be pulled out of the standard 20’ ISO cargo container and installed at your facility in a few hours. All pneumatic and electrical connection from the vacuum manifold to the BOXIDIZER® are by a Nema 4 quick-connect locking connections. And because every BOXIDIZER® is started at our facility, the final start-up at your facility will go quickly.

98% VOC design destruction efficiency, 95% guaranteed
95% thermal efficiency
Completely fits inside 20’ISO container
Flow range 1400 to 5600 NM3H / 800 to 3300 SCFM
Skid mounted
Factory pre-assembled
Digital burner air/fuel gas ratio control
Field selectable fuel gas type
250 kWH@ 100 mBAR/ 0.7 mmBTUH@ 1.5 PSI single
     fuel gas point of connection
Completely pre-wired at factory
380 to 480 VAC 50 to 60 hZ, 3 phase, 15 kVA single
     electric point of connection
Variable Frequency Drives on ALL motors
Vacuum/flow control
Telemetry data logging
Self calibrating
0.2 NM3H @ 5.5 BAR / 8 SCFH @ 80 PSI single pneumatic
     point of connection
5.715M x 2.134M / 18’-9”x 7’-0” footprint
10200 kG/ 22400 lb approx. weight


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